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… and I’m Back!

June 22, 2011


So it turns out that 2011 is pretty hectic… as i guess you can tell from the fact it’s now almost half way through the year, and my last post was in the final throes of 2010!

So now for the excuses: So far this year i think I’ve been involved in 4 new projects, written 25 minutes of music, performed 8 times, and been involved with the organisation of 10 events and got into the habit of functioning on very little sleep… not so surprising then that blogging has slightly slipped down the priority list…

HOWEVER I’m back and with a new resolve to update the 2 or 3 people who’ve ever read my blog with what’s been going on in the world of my music and interesting stuff that’s happened in Birmingham.

Keep checking back for new blog posts and updates to the other parts of my site (added some links to some better maintained websites than my own, a page where you can find out when and where my music is being played and updated the ‘Who am I?’ page so that it’s actually relevant)…

That’s all for now, have a good day!!!

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