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Coming up…

September 11, 2013

… here’s what the immediate future holds at Shelly Knotts HQ: 


September 15th-21st: Dagstuhl Live Coding Seminar

October 1st til 2015: PhD at Durham University – my research topic is ‘Social systems and structures for improvisation in live computer music’ 

October 12-15th: Performing and presenting at Earzoom Festival in Slovenia

October 22nd – November 3rd: Presenting ‘Machine #2’ at Machine-Music Exhibition, La Fabrique, Nantes

November 8-9th: Running a beginners SuperCollider workshop at FLOSSIE 2014, London

November 29th: Performing and presenting Valevari with Alo Allik at Zeppelin Festival, Barcelona

Feb – June 2014: Taking part in Sound and Music’s Portfolio Improvisors residency with Steve Beresford in Cornwall/London. 


… hopefully there’s also some time to sleep in there…

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