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Molecular Soundscapes

April 11, 2017

From January to May 2017 I am working on a Leverhulme Trust Artist-in-Residence project in the School of Chemistry at Newcastle University. The project is a collaboration with Agnieszka Bronowska – Lecturer in Computation Medicinal Chemistry – and aims to explore ways to represent drug design processes in sound in a way that is useful to scientists and accessible to non-specialists.

As part of the project I have made an audio-visual sound installation, written algorithms to produce graphic scores for musicians, and I am organising a chemistry themed Algorave inviting Algorave artists to make dance music and visuals out of the data we are working with. A full description of the project is here.

Also as part of the project I recently spent a week working with Dave Griffiths and Amber Griffiths at Foam Kernow (and art-science research lab in Cornwall). I wrote a blog post about my week at Foam, which you can read here.

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