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Computer Core

July 21, 2021
Slack's · Computer Core – Shelly Knotts (Slack's 17/7/21)

The 1st edition of my new radio show Computer Core was played on Slack’s (Tyne and Wear’s weird radio) on Saturday 17th July and is now archived at the sound cloud page above.

Computer Core traverses the weird and wonky world of computer music from Algorave to musical AI to bleeps, bloops, glitches, errors, DIY computer punk, network jamming, and other sound experiments expressed as streams of 0s and 1s. With the show I aim to mix new experiments in computer generated sound with historical precedents and the more experimental end of electronic music.

The show will air once a month online @

Full track list:

CelesteMarea (En tus pies)

Holly Herndon – Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt

The Hub – The Glass Hand

Beatrice DillonSquare Fifths

The Lappetites – Tzungentwist

Antonio RobertsPulse

Renick BellMutual Influence 

KindohmFrsF F


Michel Chion – La Machine à Passer le Temps

Scorpion MouseI Was Wrong

Mouse on Mars – The Fear of Machines

Ivan Pazr.bit

Laurie Spiegel – Appalachian Grove – I. 


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