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International Women’s Day 2022

March 8, 2022

For International Women’s Day 2022 a group of women live coders from around the world collaborated to organise LiveCoderA: A Global Live Coding Community Gathering. The event includes performances, jams and artworks from the live coding community. Iris Saladino wrote the following text explaining the concept of LiveCoderA:

// What, how and who is a livecoderA 

// A livecodera is a woman who arrived to code to use it as a weapon, a song, a dress. Looking to society, she decided to create a different possible future for it through its most potent element: culture.

// Livecoderas care about eating, doing art, fucking, sleeping and coding. 

// A livecodera, with some or a very few privileges, made a life route through patriarchal hostility. This livecodera is fully aware. Each space gained is an opportunity to subvert logic, to weave ties, to implant love.

// A livecodera is a code worker (which is never neutral) who has to fight for her rigths on several spaces. Daily she faces different types of gender violence (symbolic, psychological, economical, physical, sexual), but she debates them in order to mend it collectively. 

I made an interpretation of Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Listening piece Earth: Sensing/Listening/Sounding (1992) to start the event with a meditative deep listening practice. I generated a visual backdrop for the piece using Hydra which was developed by Olivia Jack.

Deep Listening Meditation from Shelly Knotts on Vimeo.

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