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17th January 2020 / Algorithms for Her Symposium, Kings College London / “Punk Programming: Appropriating Riot Grrrl in the Algorithmic Age.”

20th November 2019 / FACT///.Mapping Feminists Coding Practices Symposium, Sussex University / “Feminist Algorithmic Music Practices”

9th November 2019 / Zündfunk Netzkongress, Bayern Zwei, Volkstheatre Munich / “Algorave: Dance Music with Code”

17th October / Amsterdam Dance Event, De La Mar Theatre, Amsterdam / Panel Session: “Live Coded Music” / w. Coral Manton and Fernando Garibay

11th Oct 2019 / Panel session on Artificial Intelligence, No Bounds Festival, Kelham Island Museum, Sheffield / “Live Coding and Machine Listening” + Panel discussion w. Coral Manton, Leila Johnstone and Christopher Haworth. 

5th October 2019 / Philosophy of Improvisation: The Aesthetics of Imperfection Workshop, Literary and Philosophical Society, Newcastle Upon Tyne / “Live Coding and Failure”

19th September 2019 / 6th International Conference on Arts and Humanities, Kuala Lumpur / Plenary talk: “Feminist Algorithmic Music Practices”

29th July 2019 / Immersive Cultures: Developers to Museums, Seven Stories, Newcastle Upon Tyne / “Code, Data and Collaboration” + Panel discussion.

24th July 2019 / MIMIC Workshop, Sussex University / “MMLL”

11th July 2019 / ELECTRONIC BODIES AND THE ABSTRACT MORPHOLOGY OF THE REAL Seminar, Electropixel #9, Goldsmiths University / “Feminist Algorithmic Music Practices”

13th June 2019 / Future Music Day, Royal Northern College Music, Manchester / “Future Music: Live Coding” + Panel session.

7th May 2019 / Automation and Me Symposium, Leeds International Festival, Leeds / Panel Session: “Automation and Performance” w. Joanne Armitage, Coral Manton Ekaterina Chokova and Lia Mice.

29th April 2019 / DAF @ Kunst Akademie, Nürnberg  /  “Live Coding Fieldnotes”

2nd Nov 2018 / Kunsthal Aarhus, DK / “Annoying Algorithms: or Critical Approaches to Performing with and through Algorithms”

4th Oct 2018 / Phonos, Hangar, Barcelona / “Live Coding Fieldnotes”


7th February 2020 / International Conference on Live Coding, Limerick / “Approaches to Working in a Flexible Network, Reimagining the Ensemble.” / w. Amble Skuse

9th November 2019 / Zündfunk Netzkongress, Bayern Zwei, Volkstheatre Munich / “Introduction to Algoraving”

19th September 2019 / 6th International Conference on Arts and Humanities, Kuala Lumpur / “Live Coding: Collaboration, Learning and Decolonization.” / w. David Ogborn, Luis Navarro Del Angel and Abhinay Khoparzi.

18th May 2019 / Algomech Festival, Sheffield / “Machine Listening with MIMIC”

30th April-2nd May 2019 / DAF @ Kunst Akademie, Nürnberg / “Introduction to Algorave”

22nd March 2019 / Algorithmic Art Assembly, Gray Area, San Francisco / “Beginners Live Coding Workshop for Women and Non-Binary People” w. Joanne Armitage

14th March 2019 / Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, Massachusets, US / “Introduction to Live Coding” (women only) w. Joanne Armitage

10th March 2019 / SXSW, Austin, Texas, “Dancing to Algorithms: How to Algorave” w. Antonio Roberts, Alexandra Cardenas and Joanne Armitage

22nd February 2019 / Festival of Creative Learning, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh / “Introducing Hydra, Live Coding for Visuals”

16th Jan 2019 / International Conference on Live Coding, Madrid / “Platforms and Practices for Geographically Distributed Live Coding” / w. David Ogborn and Eldad Tsabary.

1st Nov 2018 / Aarhus University, DK / “Live Coding Fieldnotes”

5th October 2018 / Musikbibliotek, Odense, DK / “Introduction to Live Coding in SuperCollider” w. Mads Kjeldgaard and Joanne Armitage.

6th Sept 2018 / London Music Hackspace, Somerset House / “Make Music with Code”

23rd Aug 2018 / Mutek, Montreal, CA / “Introduction to Live Coding and Sound Synthesis” w. Joanne Armitage

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